this is my second faire husband. the first one was a furrier. he was eaten by a bear about three years ago. recently the poor widow rose got handfasted a second time. hes a drunkard and an adulterer. so am i. rose the milkmaid and pecksniff wallydrag the fur trader were handfasted in april of 1995. bound by the ale and the whiskey, rose promised to drink all the ale in the house before breakfast. peckie promised to drink all the whiskey before rose could.

peckie and rose decided to get handfasted one day when roses friend suggested she find a new husband in the fur business. knowing that peckie was drunk [ and being more than a bit in the cups herself ] rose dragged him to the mistress phoebe tipswell who was kind enough to handfast them before they could even think of sobering up and realizing their mistake. rose and peckie honeymooned by collapsing under a willow tree and passing out. when they woke the honeymoon was over, to say the least. but a pint of ale that had been left as a wedding gift changed that. they live in wedded bliss... when theyre not sober.

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