north east tip of cozumel, from the plane

our trip to cozumel, mexico november, 1998

we went to cozumel. my mom and step-father are part of a group of diving seniors that travel all over the world. mom thought it would be nice to have the kids along this trip, so we all saved up our money and twisted each others arms and went. we stayed at the Diamond Resort. the Diamond is on the east south end of the island. it was a $10 cab ride into town. fortunately the Diamond is also all-inclusive. when we were hungry, we ate. when we were thirsty we drunk. um.. drank. it was a lovely joint, with real thatched roofs. the people who worked there helped me with my spanglish, and we all hung out at Fast Eddies, on property, at night.
Fast Eddies has two pool tables, a ping pong table, a couple foos-ball tables, one sad little dart board, and a little dance floor. Rudy was the bartender most nights and he was always on top of who needed a new beer, who didnt like limes, etc. We spent every night here from 9pm-130 or 2am. met a lot of people from all over the world. my brother even did the macarena.

^ Ruddy The Bartender with my honey, jim ^

we did go into town one night, to the Infamous Carlos and Charlies. yes we threw popcorn and yes we drank too much and yes we even danced [but not on tables]. and yes, at 130 in the morning, all drunk, on a small unlit mexican semi-paved road in the middle of nowhere we hit a big pot hole. and yes we continued to drive on it back to the hotel. no way i was gonna STOP on a small unlit mexican semi-paved road in the middle of nowhere. the rim was so damaged we all almost peed when we saw it. good thing there were five of us in the car to divvy up the cost...

adam doing the macarena [yes thats him - the tall one ^^ in white with khaki shorts on]

me with my friend Adrienne. no kiddin'. shes a star bellied sneech.

not only did we meet a lot of people, we saw many strange and interesting creatures. one day we saw this huge blue crab walk across the road as we came driving toward it. and there were iguanas everywhere. not like our green igs, but black ones with faces that were shapped different. they would just lay in the sun on our hotel room porches.
the monkey, [the one on the table not the one in the sun glasses] just showed up one day. i dont think he was native, i think he escaped from a nearby zoo or owner or something, and boy was he happy to find our pool buffet. some guy let his kid touch the monkey. ew weird. and, of course, someone tried to get the monkey off the buffet. she got bit. some people are so...
probably the most spectacular thing that we did when we were in cozumel, however, was go to the ruins at Chichen Itza. chichen itza is the biggest mayan ruin in the yucatan, on the mainland in mexico, and i think its one of the largest, if not the largest, cleaned up ruin sites for the mayans. we took so many pictures and the ruins were so grand that it has its own page.

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