once upon a time,

edie was cheap, and bearing white wine. and once upon a time, miss jennifer boggs was drunk, and desirous of miss edies lucious white wine and flowing eyebrows. and so they became friends.

the friendship blossomed, as friendships often do, into so much more. miss edie taught miss nefnr what it meant to geek at two in the morning in a stat lab. and one day, all romantical like, miss edie asked miss boggs to trek up to the computer center with her. they were geeking away when suddenly mister steve lerner/resonate ne' gristle-at-the-time burst in shouting about how he just had to marry someone. he had just received his mail-order priest liscence and had to try it out, see.. without a second thought miss edie grabbed miss nefnrs hand and asked her to marry her. miss nefnr said yes twice as fast. mister resonate asked them if they did. they said We do.

and the deed was done.

mister resonate scampered out. leaving the blushing wedded pair to sober up.

little did miss edie know at the time that this first wedding would lead to others. at a depression party she married miss sarahell. next thing she knew she was engaged to miss laylalove permanently. who knows who the heck she'll marry next...

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