11.16.01 - well it seem's i'm never supposed to do this. something always goes awry. this morning the cam itself stopped working. so no pi cam, again.

watch two fuzzy blobs sit on their butts all day!

the best time to see the boys out is around 5-9pm PST, week days, because that's when i'm home and the house lights are on - you can see better. for some reason i can't get this thing focused very well or lit well, which is frustrating considering it looks great in the "viewer" for the app.. and i'm not leaving the lights on all day just so YOU can see better! ;]

fyi, the blob on the viewer's left is Cricket, a Bronze-Winged pionus. the blob on the viewer's right is Ernie, a Dusky pionus. Cricket is 4 1/2 and Ernie is 2 1/2.

if the image is blank, or the date on the image has stopped refreshing, it's likely that i've taken the iBook somewhere else to do bills or such, or the fids have gone to bed (8-9ish PST). please note as of the beginning of the month of december, both my boyfriend and i have been laid off - so we'll be home a lot and the pi should be out and about a lot =]

for more about pionus, go to the main pionus page

(refreshes every 90 seconds or so, and is best viewed with IE, although i'm not sure why.. Netscape doesn't refresh properly)

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