well i just take too many damn pictures, so it was easier to start a new page that people would know was loading-intensive, where all the cool pictures could go. so here they are!

8/15/01 - cricket had such a lovely bath, and his feathers were so pretty in the sunshine that i had to take these. if you click them you get REALLY BIG photos

i borrowed the company camera. preening boy. you can see his annual bald spots where the dark feathers on his head fall out and you can see the white down underneath

and in this one you can really see the aqua on his tail and that mysterious purple on his chest and legs. the amazing colors of pi are so cool to me

these days, although cricket has his cranky days, he still lets us both scritch him. he won't step up for daddy, very often, but he will let him scritch him. click for a larger version

more soon, knowing me! meanwhile this takes you back to cricket and this takes to back to the main pionus page

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