well i just take too many damn pictures, so it was easier to start a new page that people would know was loading-intensive, where all the cool pictures could go. so here they are!

i didn't clip his wings soon enough. four feathers grew in and suddenly he can fly straight and true, landing neatly on the butter dish. i'm just grate ful that i wasn't cooking at the time

ernie and i spend evening scritch time every night before bed. he gets all puffed up waiting for me to preen him. he really looks forward to this time and it's my time to work with him on step-ups and keep our bond strong. this is one kind of Puffer Pi that is good and i love it when he gets all excited about scritches

11/16/2k - ernie is old enough to get a toy box of his own now. previously he just tossed everything out of it, but hes learned now that those are toys for him to play with and that if he throws them all out, then he cant get at them. he loves these stars to eat, which is good because i bought them for cricket and cricket hated them ;]

12/22/2k - ernie's latest proof that he's a Noodle - see that wood carrot in his food dish? the carrot lives in this toy box. ernie takes the carrot out of the toy box, takes it over to his water dish and dunks it. then he carries the carrot over to his food dish and drops it in. when he picks it up again, its covered with pellet dust and seeds and he proceeds to eat everything off of it and then chew on the wood carrot some. then he repeats the whole process. and we humans thought we had invented Lick 'Em Sticks. silly us

1/15/01 - well here we are, in the new year, and ernie is still being a monkey. at 1.5 years old he's yet to have Terrible Twos and still plays like a child. i do my best to encourage this by rearranging all this toys and cage so that he constantly has new things. he has the attention span of a 3-year old human. he loves this new cage setup and i love knowing that he has room to swing and play while i'm at work.

1/29/01 - ernie's new thing is hard to explain. he gets all excited when i whistle and he's on my hand. he fluffs up and fans his tail like an angry pi, but he also bobs his head up and down and whistles with me and says "HELLO!" over and over as if he's very excited. we're not sure what this is all about but all i have to do is pick him up and say "hello!" or whistle and he just puffs irght up and starts bobbing his head up and down. any clues? email me, please. (yes, that's Mister Jealous in the background looking cranky)

2/16/01 - i'm learning Hiragana - one of the sets of Japanese characters for writing. why? don't ask. so i was practicing my writing the other night (because i'm one of those people that has to do something hands-on to learn it) and ernie decided he really wanted to help. as you can see, he's sitting on my index finger in these photos.. monkey-bird.

2/25/01 - i gave ernie a bath and this feather wanted to fall out. i just sat around waiting, watching him running around, so that i could grab it when it finally fell. ernie got tired of me standing around but it was funny to watch

7/5/01 - well ernie turned two on the 30th. not that anyone would notice. he's still terrified of loud sudden noises, and strangers. and he's still barreling around like a locomotive the rest of the time. he doesn't sit still for five minutes and he's always got a different toy in his mouth.

these are his recent favorites. the wiffle ball has small platic bits strung around it. ernie can take one of these apart in about three minutes flat. don't worry, he never goes unsupervised and they aren't a dime-a-dozen so he doesn't get them all the time. they are special treats. he get's all fluffy and coos when he seens one, and his tail fans out from excitement. it's really cute

8/16/01 - ernie looking all grown up, in the sun. the feather colors were too gorgeous not to share. you can almost see the iridescence of the grey/blue/purple. click on the picture for a much larger one. nice tail, eh?

8/24/01 - when i took all these pix with the company camera, ernie was watching my every move. he liked the click noise it made, i think

8/24/01 - ernie preening. i just love all the gorgeous colors this camera catches - the roses and purples, and vibrant blue on his tail. plus you can even see the blue of his eye ring.

8/24/01 - ernie loves to say "hello". he says it as if he has just discovered you walking in and is thrilled to see you - hell-LOH! he says it over and over and over and over and over some times ;]

1/27/02 - dumpster diving. that's what we call it when ernie dives down under his grate to look for tidbits that he's
dropped earlier in the day. look how puffy and proud of himself he is - he looooves to do this

another favorite thing for ernie is to hang upside down and make kissy noises at me while i make them at him. he gets all excited when we do this and then is really talkative afterward.

i love scrambled egg!

6/3/02 - i'm such a monkey that i fell and snapped the whole tip off of my beak. but just like a 7-year-old boy, i just pick myself up and keep on going!

8/15/02 - mmm new toy! mom has discovered that "finger traps" are incredibly popular chew toys - and cheap!! you can click on this picture for a larger version

8/30/02 - a new food i love is Yam Pasta. take one yam, slice into chunks and drop into a pot of water just as the bubbles start to form on the bottom of the pot. when the water is boiling, add pasta. cook 'til pasta is tender. strain. mush up. freeze in Ernie Sized portions to reheat. ;] so easy!

our friends meriko and russell came to vist. meriko loves to cook and we made tart-like things. we took fresh pear from our orchard and of course ernie had to have some. he'd never had fresh pear before and he loved it. (of course he did. he loves anything that's Food.)

10/2/02 - now that cricket has a new home, ernie gets a lot more evening snuggle one on one time. in spite of the old wives' tale about pi being standoffish, ernie is strongly in favor of Snuggling and he loves his preening time each night. what they don't tell you about is the dander that comes with it ;]

11/12/02 - here's ernie in the front window, with our front yard in the background. he loves these nutlettos, i tells ya. he can't devour them fast enough.

1/11/03 - a new year and more photos. mr. handsome had a bath and he just looked so purty, i had to add these. each of the above is clicky for a Much Larger version, with much better resolution, so you can get a real good look at all his gorgeous colors - the lower one isn't bigger, but also has the higher res.

4/12/03 - Like any younger sibling, Ernie got some cast-offs from his older sister Emma today. I knew that he would love the ring of tiny stars as soon as I saw it. He loves to bite off all the points and leave the centers. Normally I don't buy a toy like that, because once the points are gone, the rest is of no interest to him. But as a free hand-me-down, how could I resist? (Neither could he.)

5/18/03 - We all know he's a Monkey, but it's always a relief to see that some things never change. Note that as he lets go of the ring, and climbs (upside down) on to the toy itself, his grip gets more and more precarious. Yes, in the last one he's hanging by one foot and no, he's not touching the cage. He's so unconcerned, in spite of the number of times he's lost his grip and fallen. He just picks himself back up.

10/7/03 - Ernie sometimes makes it clear that he's Not Ready for bed. He would much rather say up on his playswing area, snuggled in, and making sweet little peepy noises and watching Mom and Dad.

When he gets like this, all he wants to do is snuggle up to either of us and get scritches. The top photos are with Dad scritching him.

10/7/03 - The secret to keeping my fabulous eyebrows tamed is revealed. (Click for larger versions)

Yes, he preens my eyebrows. He prefers to do this in the morning before I go out for the day. What a helpful kid he is.

4/30/03 - Ernie has had this particular toy attached to his tree since we got him. This photo was taken in March of 2001 and you can SEE that red block with the almond in it. Here it is, three years later, and he's finally taken an interest in it.
Some times ...

more soon, knowing me! meanwhile this takes you back to ernie

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