("convention hall with morning coffee")

here are just a few pictures from this year's Wondercon at the Oakland Convention Center. we used our nice little Olympus D-340R digital camera, with no flash. everyone we met was very nice about letting us take their picture. thanks!

Jim Mahfood, creator of Grrl Scouts and Judd Winick, creator of The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, both published by Oni Press.

Miss Serena Valentino, writer for Gloom Cookie, says she never turns out well in digital camera pictures, but I think we broke the spell.

(that's Andy Ristaino in the background, another Slave Labor-er, creator of Life of a Fetus)

Jim Silke, creator of Rascals in Paradise, and Betty Page, Queen of Hearts Jeff Smith, creator of Bone, signs at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth.
Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer, creators of Black Heart Billy, another Slave Labor publication. Also check out LCD!
here's the gang at the Astronauts In Trouble booth, Mimi Rosenheim, John Heebink and Larry Young. just to their left, Darick Robertson works on another drawing for Transmetropolitan.

(again, thanks to all the artists and writers for putting up with us.)

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