wiggy and mookie

live at my parents house. we got them when we were young and still lived back east in wellesley, ma. wiggy was originally named paul revere cause he stampeded all over the house. that was too long a name i suppose, so we started calling him tiger cause hes... well.. tiger colored... sort of. [arent children creative?] mookie was originally named isis. one of us kids would get down on our hands and knees and she would jump up on our back and let us give her a ride around the house as if she were an egyptian queen so we picked isis because the goddess isis is the protector of children. [yes that was the year i had to do my report on egyptian mythology in 4th grade]

my father renamed them as they matured. the names just sort of happened.

wiggie died in late 95, and mookie in late 97. at their prime wiggy was 22 pounds and mookies was 18. now they weigh a bit less cause theyre dead. and well.. dead cats dont weigh much. mookie ate diet cat food and lay around all day waiting for my parents to come home and pay attention to her. shes lucky that my father works out of his office downstairs and he would come up and say Hi to her at lunch.

my stepmom, linda, is mookie's human. when i was home mookie slept with me to remind me that i used to be her human but that i deserted her. some days she was delighted to see me and some days she would sit where i could see her and pout and wouldnt let me near her.

my dad was always wiggys human. wiggy had my dad trained so that if wiggy flopped over on the kitchen counter like a large fat seal, my dad will say Wiggy, roll over! and give him a kitty snack. they would watch the ny giants lose together and the ny knicks sometimes win. but wiggy was really more interested in commercial time when he could get his human to pat him some more. when he had his second stroke, at 17 years, wiggy was deaf, half-blind, and partially paralized on one side.. he still liked the giants.

sometimes i go home just so i can lie around in front of the fire where mookie and wiggy used to lay. theyre in the back yard now, and some times my dad and i lean over the balcony railing and shout at wiggy.. hes still deaf

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