ok. ok. there's the memepool and there's the useless pages. but what about me? what do i care about? where do i surf? me me me.


Sequential Tart
this is an web zine by women who love comics. i write for it
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
defending the rights of comic book creators and retailers
an excellent source for t-shirt that say GOT ROOT?, WTF? and things like that. if you don't get it, don't go there
Santa Cruz Geeks
an educational intro to this petri dish of subculture called the Santa Cruz Geeks
Six Geeks
a small ode to geekdom
A Ratings Guide
ratings of everything from norse gods to dog tricks.
Bitter Films
i love this man (Don Hertzfeldt). short animated flicks. good shit
Atom Films
defies description. but you can find Joe Cartoon here, and microwave his hamster or put a frog in a blender, amongst other things.
The Force
download the brilliant TROOPS, a spoof on COPS, but with Storm Troopers
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
an Oh So Serious and Important subject
this is one of the funniest online comics i've ever read
this may only be funny if you: 1. have read JTHM and 2. have heard of Mahir (his original page is no longer valid, it seems, so if you don't know what i'm talking about - youuu looooose)
Magic Bob-Ball
ask Bob. he Knows.
Urban Legends
does a wonderful job of demistifying rumors
The Onion
speaking of attitude, this will inspire you

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