when i got to college i decided to do all sorts of whacky things

a snake was not only entertaining but cheap. with some research i ended up with a young female ball python. odessa is a city in byellorussia that my fathers mother lived near before the holocaust. i had always liked the word. my sophomore year i had a roommate who was a
big time stoner.
she wanted a cat. she used to sit in front of odessas cage going Here kitty kitty kitty...
as a consequence i now call snakes kitties. well they eat the same things dont they?
my junior year i lost a lot in the Big Earthquake [tm] here [santa cruz] and could no longer afford to own a pet. my odessa kitty ended up with another geek, star, in davis. i just found out through the rumour mill that star successfully bred odessa to yet another geek, amitys snake, sam, and im now a grandmother of sorts.

background from Ace of Space

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