well i didn't know what to do with gratuitous pictures i take of the boys, so i started this page to just throw photos on.. enjoy =]

6/12/2k - how to keep both birds happy at the same time

6/17/2k - frequently the boys do things like mirrors. one eats, the other has got to eat. one plays, the other has got to play (in their own ways, of course). one sleeps..

10/2/2k - this one was taken months later. see? still peas in a pod. i've started referring to them as "The Peas" in conversation with jim. "The Peas were screaming when i got home today." "The Peas were really happy with dinner and threw it everywhere!" ;]

6/17/2k - for some doggone reason ernie is quite determined to get on to cricket's cage. there have been four altercations already where he has managed to get up there. much flapping of wings ensues as cricket charges ernie and ernie struggles to leap quickly out of his way and back to his own cage. mind you we don't encourage them, but some times that ernie boid moves so fast it's over before we know what happened. cricket has yet to injure him, fortunately. we suspect that he is simply chasing him off with "nips" instead of real bites. we don't want to stop ernie - he has to learn on his own that he can't go up there. but as soon as i turn my back, there he is again..

8/23/2k - although the boys have their differences, they both loooove to eat mash. this mash mix is made from taking about 1/2 scoop of each grain (lentils, rice, chick peas, etc.) available in the bins in a health food store. i cook it all up, and then freeze it in two-birdy sized portions.

then i pull out a bag, and microwave it with some frozen veggies mixed in (thank goodness for the freezer section at the supermarket) and sometimes add a dollop of carrot baby food (for humans). it's one of their favorite dinners and so easy for me to make, too

i use the Pi Cam mostly to watch the boys from work. i also have it running at night, at home. some times the photos are too amusing not to save..

american gothic: me, jim and the boys
i was already at work. jim was still home

8/28/2k - i put the boys on their playstands together for the first time last night... cricket spent the whole time trying to get at ernie, and ernie spent the whole time ignoring cricket. it was pretty funny to me, but cricket got so wound up that eventually i had to put them back. maybe with practice they'll be able to sit on play stands together, and in a few years they may actually sit still ;]

9/4/2k - on the weekend i like to sleep in. but if i dont let the boys up, they get cranky. so i get up around 8, feed them, and go back to bed. i leave them out and usually they cause no trouble. everyting was quiet, but when i went back downstairs around 1030 neither of the boys was on his cage. after a moment of checking the floor, i found them. they must have both climbed up on top of poor saffie by using the travel cages stacked next to her cage. silly Peas.

please note that they must have been there some time without killing each other, and it was only when i walked in the room that cricket puffed up and dove at ernie (ahahah). with a warning from me, cricket behaved enough to sit still for photos. but he preened a lot to show how impressive he was, for ernie's sake, im sure.

10/02/2k - the boys both LOVE "nutlettos" from Parrots Treasure company. Parrots Treasure is fantastic and they don't have a web site. they are my number one pick for chewable toys. write them at:
Parrots Treasure
PO Box 1584
O'Fallon, MO 63366
and get a catalogue! you won't regret it! lots of nice chewy pine toys at great prices and well worth the "snail mail" time involved. that gym you see ernie sitting on is a Beakables gym. it's made by a pi owner and it's also great for chewing and a good price! their web site is here: Beakables!.

11/21/2k - i've discovered that The Peas will run around on the floor, exploring together, without killing each other. they can get well within 6" of each other and don't get puffy! i find that they are emboldened by each other's presence and tend to waddle around, ernie following cricket and copying him at every stop. it's really so cute. why they don't attack each other in this situation, who knows. its neutral territory, for sure, though so that may have something to do with it... =]

1/15/01 - yeah. more nutlettos. and more. and more. c'mon mom - we're running out!
(note, ernie is eating his play gym at this point, not a nutletto)

2/25/01 -

gratuitous shots proving
they act like Peas.

taking turns on the tree/gym
to look out the window

The Peas both love doing this

5/29/01 - Cherries. mmm cherries are so yummy. nice juicy cherries. juice splattered everywhere. feet pink. beaks bloody-looking. mmm cherries. ;]

8/7/01 - ok, if they scream together, at least they also nap together. i get a rest when they do ;]

11/7/01 - the boys, fresh from their shower. they both seem to like the shower in the new house much better than the old house. since they're both wet, it's harder to tell who is who - cricket is on my shoulder, and ernie on my hand.

2/6/02 - cricket fell off his cage. but the first thing he did was run over under ernie's and nibble up all the yummy bits that ernie drops regularly. ernie wasn't very happy about it. ;]

2/7/02 - we love our mash, mum
love it on our beaks, our feet, our cages ...

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