starring... (in no particular order)

max the maximillian (M), emma the dusky (F), and molly the blue head (F)
brea (F) and cricket (M) the bronze wings (no relations)

The First Annual Great San Francisco Pi Phest was held aug. 21, 1999. four members of our email list got together on "neutral ground" with our pis (aka someone's boyfriend's house [special thanks to SASHA]). we had four of the five common domestic species there. i took tons of pictures with my company's digital camera, and these are the best of the bunch. i hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed getting together.

right is cricket, max and molly ->

<- left and clockwise it's molly, cricket, brea, emma and max

right is brea (top), cricket, molly and max ->

(click on the right side ones for larger pix)

<- left is cricket and emma

right and clockwise it's emma, max, molly, brea and cricket (he's the one with the big white bald spot, fyi) ->

<- left is brea, max and molly

(click on the right side ones for larger pix)

max looks absolutely stunning as he poses, ever so precious, for a scratch. this is a GREAT shot of what a maxi pi really looks like! this is cricket with the infamous bebe the amazon. bebe lives with max and was a very good sport about this whole adventure and not, for once, being in the limelight

stephanie with molly, cricket, max and emma
john and molly
melne with emma, max, brea, molly and cricket

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