starring... (in no particular order)

Raku (BW)and Sibyl (WC)
Skye and Kiwi (BH, no relations)
Ariel and Gixxer (also BHs, may be related, but we're not sure)
Ernie (D) and Cricket (BW)

the Second Annual Pi Phest - Pi Phest Aught One! July 28, 2001

the first annual Pi Phest was in 1999 (see photos here) and it was time to get some pionus flock together again. Carol was great because she organized the whole thing. her father-in-law Bill (thanks Bill!) let us use the rec center where he lives. the pictures were a bit yellow because of the indoor lighting, but i've done my best to make them visible. i can't wait to do this again!

here's Jackie with her WC, Sibyl. Sibyl was quite convinced that she was the Biggest pi there, despite her size. Ernie had a big crush on Sibyl but she wasn't interested
in the hat is Alex, Kiwi's big brother, with Cricket (blinking), Kiwi in the middle, and Ernie
and here's Kiwi with mom, Leslie. that's Carol in the background
Hank did his best to get Skye to play with the others, but Skye was too shy
Raku did better than her "brother" and went out on Hank's hand, and even stepped up for some other people
Gixxer was also very friendly.
If you click on this photo, you can get a larger copy of it
here are Cricket, Ernie and Kiwi. they shared the play gyms very nicely
a large group photo. from left to right:

in the background that's Skye, Hank and Raku.

in the foreground are Kiwi, Cricket, Ernie and Ariel

(click for a larger copy in a separate window)

another group photo:

that's Ariel in the background

Ernie and Cricket sharing sprouts (can you believe it?)

Jackie and Sibyl, and then the side of my head =]

Ernie and Cricket - together. that's right. the Boys were so out of their own element that they sat together, ate together, and Cricket only beaked at Ernie when Ernie lost his balance and actually (gasp) touched Cricket. otherwise they got along very well outside their own home
a big success! every birdy napped when they got home. including Jim

NEW! - Carol sent me these photos and i added the ones that had people in them, as well as fids, so we could see some human faces =]

here is Jackie holding Ernie, while Sibyl looks on from mom's shoulder

here's Hank with Raku and Skye

me and Kiwi, who loves to get scritches!

Charron and John with Ariel. mmmm popsicle sticks.

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