my pants. ok so im crazy. if youve gotten this far then you knew that. i first adopted these pants in '88 or so.. i was still in the dorms at the university. one night we took my pantone markers and drew eyeballs all over them. the pants are, actually, quite hot when painted onto my butt. so i was wearing them to an X gig here in town, around early '96, and there was a signing. and i thought HEY - they should sign my pants! and they did. and they were very patient about the whole thing.

big thank you to exene and john and tony and dj

then, in late '96 the hernandez brothers came to town. all of them. jaime... gilbert... even the elusive mario! this time i had planned in advance - what could be better than to have my favourite comic book's creators to match my favourite music's creators? they were doing a signing at Atlantis Fantasy World [big plug for joe! we buy all our comics there! hey joe! big hug!]
jaime wasnt even sure, back then, when he would get to a computer to look at the web pages i had made in his honor, even though i wrote down the url for him... they were very kind to me and i think i was too shy to really hang out with them. these were the giants who had proved to me, in 1986 when i was introduced to their art, that comics werent just chicks with big tits who love men with big tits. and jaime was the man who had confirmed for me that color was not necessary to make me catch my breath when i turned a page.

then, spring of '98, david mack and terry moore came to Atlantis. this time i had had practice. i actually didnt WEAR the pants. and the two gents were kind enough to take their own art to the pants.
<- terry moore

david mack ->
i felt i had wasted my time with the hernandez brothers and worked harder with david mack and terry moore not to be shy. the resulting embarassment is that im over-hyper. but they made a memorable day for me. im very proud of my pants.
<- hard to see,
but the only real pair of
Gai Jeans

i asked for this one special.
shes my hero ->
here's a scan of the page in david mack's Reflections of him signing my pants. duh - im the one on the left with the cheesy-assed grin.. without a hat on. and here's a sidenote for ya - after lookin' at that photo, look at terry moore's SIP cover Number 17 and TELL me katchoo's necklace doesnt look familiar...
then in spring of '99 - APE. the Alternative Press Expo. a big buncha new kids on the comic book block trying to get their art and writing noticed. i had one purpose - to catch the elusive roman dirge on my pants. and i did it gosh darn it! i admit that he probably thinks i am totally crazy by now but who cares. i even loaned him my Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls like i promised i would although he didn't have much reading time...

what could i possible have left to accomplish at this point? well ive realized my true calling. ive started a second pair of pants. come see! things are just getting better.
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