so this time i was prepared. i think i have this down to a science. bring the sharpee. bring the bag. bring fresh jeans. bring the camera. wait in line and ask very very politely.


i went to WonderCon in oakland with a list. four names. i caught them all. they were all gracious and patient and cute. really - theyre all cute! here are my pictures:

the first man kind enough to not laugh in my face at this request was jim mahfood, writer and creator of grrl scouts - a rocking good comic that no one should let their 10 year old daughter buy at wondercon without at first looking through it [saw it happen. scared me.]

the final product almost made me squeal. the poor guy had to take a pee break and i waited around for him to regain his sanity and it was very much worthwhile. everyone was looking at me like im crazy. well you all know that by NOW - stop smokin' so much crack. but he returned. and he took his time. and it was good for me, i dunno about him. thanks, jim.

check the list. next? darick robertson - the artist creating the images in transmetropolitan. after spending time with jim mahfood, it appeared that darick had actually woken up and joined the rest of us..

note that darick was kind enough to put spiders hand in my crotch, and make sure that yelena is flipping off the entire world.

a quick skip up the row and through the woods.. i mean slow people, and i found that david mack had time to do a new kabuki sketch for me. this was great because the old one, although beautiful, is difficult to see because of all the faded eyeballs on those pants. so it was nice of him to create something on this pair as well...

last, but not least, peter gross. ive been reading books of magic longer than almost any other comic, at this point, that i still read. and although we both agreed that molly and tim arent right for each other, he felt they were right for my thigh. i do love molly. im excited to see what may be in store for her.

so whats next? does anyone really look at this page anyway? you! you - yeah you. youre lying. you got here by accident. you dont really care. well i care. next stop -

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