the San Diego International Comic Con is one of the biggest comic book events in the world. we went to the August 99 and had an incredible blast. of course i brought my PANTS and they have become even more complex and beautiful. here are the pictures.

roman dirge was kind enough to do a second drawing for me, so that these newer pants would have his art, too. by now i am quite sure he finds me Certifiable. but he's cute, so it's ok.

terry moore, also, was willing to do a second drawing. i waited in line some time and i must say - it gave me the opportunity to meet his wife, Robyn, who just HAS to be The Nicest Person In Comics or something. she was very friendly and made small talk with everyone in line and really made the time fly. thanks, Robyn! (she's cute, too)

this is Lex from GloomCookie. ted naifeh is the artist.
im really pushing this comic book because i know these people,
and theyre cute!
this is marc hempel's infamous Gregory.
if you havent read about gregory, do it. now.

so here is the final product right now! you cant see gregory because he hides down on the back of my calf so didnt fit in the photo. other things of note: spider jerusalem on the "size/style" tag.. for some reason i can't manage to get a good close-up of it, but it shows up well here. also, what is that thing popping out of my back left pocket? i dont know - ask david mack.

another big super thanks must go out to all the comic artists who have done this. buy their work. you will like it. you have no choice.

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