the San Diego International Comic Con has become an addiction for me. for the year 2000, i brought a brand new pair of pants. here is what i ended up with. they're beautiful!

mike kunkel, creator of Herobear and the Kid, was the first to draw. if you havent read his comic, please do. it really is for everyone - young and old. soo precious and cute!

then chynna clugston-major drew Bleu Finnegan from her Blue Monday series. i loved this first series, the kids are alright, and can't wait for the next one.

Bob the Angry Flower is a comic that is online weekly. stephen notley was at SDCC as a con attendee but i still managed to meet up with him, and get this sketch

judd winick draws Barry Ween and i just love this comic. ok i sound like i dork. i love all these comics or i wouldnt have them on my pants. you should read them all, i tell you!

Happy Noodle Boy is one of jhonen vasquez many creations that i adore. you should check out all of jhonen's work through the slave labor web site.

one of the big surprises of the con was that i got to meet craig mccracken, creator of the Powerpuff Girls and also the infamous No Neck Joe (!)


terry moore falls to the pressure yet again. the man is so gracious. i was hanging out at the Strangers In Paradise booth, talking to robyn moore (who, as i have mentioned, is one of the nicest sweetest people i have ever met!) and she asked me if i was going to have terry draw on my pants this year. i admitted that i was embarassed to ask, because he had drawn on the past two pair. robyn told me that i was being silly, and this sketch was actually her idea - each of the faces is on the back of a leg, facing each other. thanks, robyn!

chris bachalo is someone whose work i have admired for years. this year i was determined enough to track him down without being embarassed. i this its pretty clear that it was worth the wait. this picture he did of White from The Witching Hour is gorgeous

with the comic season over, this was how my pants looked. but if you're reading this far, you notice that time has passed since this page was made. this pair of pants is finally complete

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