with Pair Three well under way, the new season was approaching. time to finish them up. there are three cons that i go to every year - APE, Wondercon and SDCC. with all three, i managed to get this particular pair of pants finished. the final product is at the bottom of the page.

kieron dwyer is a very nice fellow. he was sued by starbucks for making this image on the front cover of his LCD comic first issue 0. he's not allowed to print the image anymore, so i asked him to draw it on my ass. please go to his web site to find out more about what happened.

dan brereton was doing a signing for his new Nocturnals halloween issue. this spooky critter was placed there by his choice =] ...

keith knight has a rockin' good comic strip called The K Chronicles. i read it regularly on salon.com on wednesdays. he also has his own web site.

this is Gloomy from Little Gloomy, drawn by eric jones. the comic, by eric and landry walker, is one of my favorites. i love eric's line work. landry is a ms. pacman God.

paul chadwick came to our store to do a signing. he drew me this lovely picture of Concrete.

at another store signing, stan sakai drew this picture of Usagi Yojimbo for me. (this picture is me and joe (the owner of the store) and stan sakai.)

at a third store signing (yes, our store rocks), sergio aragones drew this Groo for me. Groo is close to my crotch and he's blushing. very cute.

scott morse drew this picture of Poke for me. if you haven't read Soulwind, please go find it right now. here's a preview from the first issue, and you can find all five volumes at the main web site for Crazyfish.

this is Pops. he's from jon "bean" hasting's comic, Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant. jon is also a local fellow so we see him and his lovely wife terry quite regularly. he's currently working on a comic based in santa cruz called Mad Science - good wacky santa cruz fun, and a brain in a jar!

so as you can see - these are my first completed pair that are really wearable. the second pair got ruined when a dry cleaner washed them instead of dry cleaning them - they're all faded. and the first pair are falling apart with age. i wear this pair a lot, and i've already started work on the fourth pair. i'm a junkie.

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