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An actual vegetation change

And some piles and anti-piles were made yesterday. I like coming home and not knowing what has changed during the day.


Stone set in

The flagstones have been better arranged and set and the back step has been mortared in place.


New path!

The cement for the new path was poured yesterday and it looks really good. Also the side yard has been cleaned up.


Found and Quotes

So soon after posting about Dirty Found, I was again in the book shop and discovered that Found #4 just came out. It’s worth it for the Rod Serling letters alone. Also in it is their tour schedule; here’s some relevant stops: Oct 26 – Seattle – University Books – 7:30PM Oct 30 – Santa […]


More on the tree

It was sad to have this large fairly old organism removed, but it will be replaced with 3 trees that are easier on the things around it like the driveway, the sidewalk, the utility lines, and any cars parked near it shouldn’t get sapped now. One bright side about the tree being gone (aside from […]


No more tree and a new step

Just four pictures. Two of the now missing large tree in front, and two bad ones of the new step in front of the back door.


Paving stones!

The paths look pretty much the same as they did yesterday though they continued to work on them. The big change today is the paving stones that were added. I was also wondering where the old stepping stones were dug up from since i never encountered them in the back yard. I do know where […]


We have paths

They aren’t bonded yet, but they are there.


Remodel update

Pictures of the progress after 6 days are now available. If you somehow missed the others, you can click up to the parent album from there, or just go here. Yesterday we also picked out our kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sorry, but no pictures of those. Also we finally lined someone up to remove the […]


Dirty Found

When I go to Bookshop Santa Cruz I make sure to check if there are any new issues of Found Magazine, usually to be met with disappointment. It isn’t the most regular of publications. I was happy to find that they publish a “Dirty Found” magazine filled with all the things that people sent in […]

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