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Olive at 6 weeks

Okay, 6 weeks and 3 days. Observations: When she lifts her eyebrows (what she has of then) she gets forehead wrinkles. Her forehead wrinkles are mostly on top of her head. Had her forehead not grown already then the wrinkles would be fully atop her head. Nicole noticed the forehead wrinkle thing comes from my […]


Welcome to my month

Now that it’s basically over, welcome to my month! Only a few people knew it was my month and I should have been telling people about it, but I got busy and I didn’t really know how to word it. This is my month because it is APS Awareness Month. APS is Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome […]


2009 Health Report

I got rid of the clot in my left leg, but because of damage to the valve I was told I need to wear a compression stocking for at least two years. Having healed legs I trained for and completed the Turkey Trot 10K, a new personal distance record. Very slow, but I did it. […]


Again with the leg

I saw a vascular specialist/vascular surgeon on Tuesday for a second opinion on what I should do now that my six months are up with the blood thinners. He said I should get of the blood thinners since the clot is gone and any blockage that remains is scar tissue. He also said I should […]


The continuing adventures of ugly leg

In the good news, I’ve have the time between my allergy shots extended to 4 weeks. I’ve felt ready for it for a couple of months. Now I’m pretty much on the home stretch of allergy shots. Also the doctor reviewed my previous blood test and found that I don’t have to have any more […]


Cancel that calf strain and make it a deep vein thrombosis

My calf hasn’t hurt for a little over a week and the swelling has been steading going down, so when I woke up on the 25th to more swelling than ever I thought it would be wise to see a doctor. After all the morning Christmas stuff I mentioned that I would like to go […]


Update of the idle leg

Julie lent me her foam wedge from when she shattered her ankle which has been the perfect tool for keeping my leg elevated. I’ve spent most of my days since then on the couch with my leg elevated, reading and watching movies and checking to make sure I haven’t thrown the clot. In the mean […]

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