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Tuesday Media Roundup #40

Rounding out the first half of the year… The Girlfriend Experience – Looking back on it I can see some of the points it was trying to make and, but while I was watching it I really didn’t care. It was all kind of an uninvolved jumbled mess. Casino Royale – Lots of fun action […]


Catching up on reading

Usually I tend to read non-fiction. This year has been mostly about catching up on the fiction so here’s what I’ve had going on since September. Other The Family That Couldn’t Sleep: A Medical Mystery – Based against the background of one family with a very rare prion disease the book goes over the history […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #39

When free preview weekends for movie channels come around I record pretty much everything I haven’t seen and then I try to watch them all before the next free-preview weekend comes around. Because of this habit I sometimes watch movies I normally wouldn’t bother with just because it’s there. I should try to do these […]

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