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Tuesday Media Roundup #45

TV: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – So far it’s been an interesting look at what kids are fed in school. And seeing the food people consume for a given period of time in one pile is an effective tool he uses to show people how they are eating poorly. Movies: Jericho – I haven’t seen […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #44

Games: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box – I’ve finally finished up the second Professor Layton game. I liked the setting and feel of this game better than the first one. The animation for the cut-scenes are both increased in amount and in quality. I think there are a few cases of poor wording of […]


Daily battle

“Everyday is a battlefield, but if you fight with anger, you’re the problem. If you fight with joy, you’re disillusioned.” – Carlos Santana in Herbie Hancock: Possibilities


Tuesday Media Roundup #43

Books: I’ve been avoiding books this year because I’m supposed to be reading War & Peace. I still haven’t picked that up again since the first attempt, but it’s in my backpack to start tomorrow. That being said, I get “Top Chef: The Quickfire Cookbook” as a gift and I read that. It has cast […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #42

New TV shows Glee – Without a doubt the new show I’m most enjoying. Fun characters with good song and dance! It’s the only show where I would be disappointed if it were to be cancelled, and I see myself getting it on DVD. Cougar Town – It’s like getting a Scrubs fix, not in […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #41

I watched the beginning of the 1956 version of War & Peace but gave up on it because it was far too silly. Saw part 1 of Black in America 2 on CNN. Now I wish I had seen the first one. The Hangover – Pretty funny and well done trace-your-steps movie. All of the […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #40

Rounding out the first half of the year… The Girlfriend Experience – Looking back on it I can see some of the points it was trying to make and, but while I was watching it I really didn’t care. It was all kind of an uninvolved jumbled mess. Casino Royale – Lots of fun action […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #39

When free preview weekends for movie channels come around I record pretty much everything I haven’t seen and then I try to watch them all before the next free-preview weekend comes around. Because of this habit I sometimes watch movies I normally wouldn’t bother with just because it’s there. I should try to do these […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #38

The last one before I’m another year older. Saving Silverman – It could have been funny but mostly something is off and the jokes don’t work. If it wasn’t for the nipple fire scene and Neil Diamond at the end it would be a total loss. Calendar Girls – This was nice in that it […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #36

Weeds season 4 finale – This is the first Weeds finale that didn’t leave it with the assumption that it might not get renewed fort another season while still ending on quite a cliffhanger. I don’t know how much longer the show can keep going but at this point I’ll keep enjoying it as long […]

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