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The reasons for scratching?

I mean besides to take care of an itch. It seems likely that the cause of an itch is often some external irritant so scratching might elliminate that irritant or bring your attention to it. What I noticed the other day though as I was having an allergic reaction is that scratching increases blood flow […]


Montana quarter

I just got one of these in change and realized that it’s the first quarter to feature death. It makes it kind of unsettling.


Wok cooking without a wok

Last night I attempted a version of pad thai, and the result was fairly good. In the first couple batches the rice noodles weren’t cooked enough but it’s hard to know when they’re done. The cooktop can easily keep the heat high enough without even going into boost mode, I can kind of simulate putting […]


Long time

The road the crosses the yacht harbor from 7th Avenue and continuing past where it turns into San Lorenzo as it goes by the Boardwalk is being repaved, which is fantastic news. On either side they have the electronic displays explaining that between the dates shown there will be delays. On the 7th Avenue side […]


Sonic and the Secret Rings

I rented Sonic and the Secret Rings and it is definitely the nicest looking Wii game I’ve played so far. I like how the story is told with lightly animated storyboards. The voice acting doesn’t make me cringe in pain like with older 3D Sonic games. This was supposed to be the 3D Sonic that […]


Mortal Chocolate results – Round 2

Thanks to those who brought chocolate and voted. I’m glad to have help in this critical research! Voted most deadly of the chocolate dishes last night was Black bottom chocolate pie prepared by Shelley. Second was the chocolate mousse brought by Ian. My arms feel their arm workout from mixing the extremely thick cookie dough. […]

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