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Things I can do again

Now that I’m not worried about internal bleeding I’ve done two things this week I’ve avoided since I started being on blood thinners. I rode my scooter, and I rode the Giant Dipper. I was worried the scooter would be in bad shape after no riding for almost seven months, but the batteries don’t even […]


Customer service

I’m cleaning off my desk and I found a card from cdbaby from when I ordered a CD some time ago. It’s not part of their standard practice, cards don’t come with every order, but this card makes sure I will never forget them as an option when I’m looking for music. I don’t remember […]


No more clot!

Yesterday I had my second second opinion. To prepare I didn’t wear the compression stocking so he would see what my leg is like normally. Surprising to me, even though I could feel the difference in my leg not wearing the stocking, my leg didn’t look too abnormal compared to the good leg. Anyway, we […]

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