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Santa Cruz on inauguration morning

I was goign to go to work and watch the inauguration from there but I was getting a late start so Nicole decided we should watch from home. About half way through Obama’s speech Nicole pointed out that there was no traffic noise and indeed she was correct. When the speech ended Nicole took me […]


Pink Rice Krispee Treats

I won a few glass x-mas trees full of pink star and green tree marshmallows at the company holiday party. Yesterday I made rice krispee treats out of them so I wouldn’t just throw them all away. I thought the green ones would scare too many people so I chose the pink stars. I figured […]


Back to normal, but less bumpy

I started at the anti-coagulation clinic yesterday so I’m not going to have to get a blood draw every few days to check my clotting levels, not I can have a finger-prick test and a little device tells me in 30 seconds. No more waiting at the blood draw center! Also with that I have […]


Happy 2009!

My 2008 didn’t end very well health wise which didn’t do wonders for my spirits. I enjoyed my visits with everyone and wished I could visit more but stuck I am on a couch most of the time now. A few days ago I was feeling pretty down and it wasn’t that physically I wasn’t […]

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