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Impact of fiction vs non-fiction

This is probably obvious to most people but as I was making a list of 15 books with the most impact on me the other day and while I was making the list I noticed that most of the books I was listing were fiction. That seemed odd to me since most of the books […]


Longshot bug id request

 I don’t have a picture because there are only camera phones in the office and none of them can get close enough to resolve the image. I would draw a picture but my poor drawing skills are more likely to mislead. It’s a bright red bug (6-legs), about 2.5-3mm long and probably about 1mm wide. […]


Today I used a semi-colon

During the past few months, when writing, I’ve had an urge to use a semi-colon. I resist and tell myself that it really doesn’t know what it wants and restructure things so that no semi-colon is possible. I don’t know where the urge comes from. I’ve read the rules on when they should be used […]


Blog software upgrade

Friday when it was late and I was tired I attempted to upgrade the blog software I use to WordPress 2.1. It was broken until I had a good night’s sleep and was able to tackle it again Saturday morning. The result is not really much difference for the outside user except that it should […]

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