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I guess I could be an airline pilot…

From Overheard in New York: Pilot: Why, hello, everyone! This is your captain, Bud Howard, and your copilot, Harvey the Rabbit. The FCC or FCA… Some fancy organization told me to tell you that I have to show you a very low-budget and entertaining movie on how to act on a United flight. Basically, if […]


Why I’m not an airline pilot…

“Thank you for flying ______ Airlines. I hope you enjoyed the in-flight movie, I know I sure did!”


A river flows from my head

Tuesday I was feeling the allergies strongly and took my last Allegra. Wednesday I had my allergy shots for an increased allergy load and I didn’t make it to the pharmacy to get a prescription refill. My head filled up. Thursday I got more Allegra in the morening and I had some draining throughout the […]


Why I don’t design cruise ships…

See that windowed deck/bar that goes across the front and hangs over the sides some? I’d put a moving red light in there to make it an ocean cylon or an ocean Knight Rider.

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