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Tuesday Media Roundup #30

The Forbidden Kingdom – Jet Li & Jackie Chan, fun story, cool fu! If you haven’t seen this yet, what’s your problem? DCI 2008 Countdown – Since I’m a band geek I tend to go for these drum & bugle corps shows. This was a theater event showing the best shows of recent years and […]


Santa Cruz Roller Girls vs Redding Angry Beavers

This past Saturday was the second match for the Santa Cruz Roller Girls and it was clear that they practiced a lot on their weak spots after the first match. For the first half Candie Hooligan and Heather Headlocklear were the jammers most of the time which makes sense since they ended up being the […]


A different primary

Yesterday a different contest popped into my head, one between Brocolli Obama and Celery Clinton. I was surprised to find no reference to it on the internets.


Dutch-processed cocoa update

I tried Trader Joe’s but they had nothing but drinking chocolate. Then I remembered Staff of Life and decided to try there so we went there this morning. On the bottom shelf of the baking section are cans of cocoa. Those are sweetened or natural cocoa. Looking over to the right one shelf (still on […]


Natual cocoa vs Dutch-process cocoa

I lose. So there was this really great looking cake that I was hoping I could have for my birthday.  We went to the store (New Leaf) and picked up all the ingredients we were missing except there was no dutch-process cocoa. No problem, we can get it at another store later. Savemart didn’t have […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #29

Babel – One of those movies where you have several different stories that are all connected. In this case it’s has a global scale of connection. Not like with a global phenomenon or event, but that the people involved reach around the world. If it was just that it would just be an average movie, […]

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