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Tuesday Media Roundup #29

Babel – One of those movies where you have several different stories that are all connected. In this case it’s has a global scale of connection. Not like with a global phenomenon or event, but that the people involved reach around the world. If it was just that it would just be an average movie, but the individual stories are interesting on their own and for that I feel it is worth seeing.

A Love Song For Bobby Long –  I could watch these characters in a movie five times this long and I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching this one again several times as soon as I get a copy.

Brigadoon –  I’m converting old video tapes to DVD for my parents and this one was recording while I was doing other stuff so I finally got to see it. I like musicals, but I wasn’t crazy about the songs in Brigadoon. The dancing I liked, the sets and characters I liked. So it’s not my favorite musical, but the story is fun. I really liked how they portrayed triggered memories in the movie.

Janis –  Another conversion for my parents… I liked Janis Joplin, but I haven’t really appreciated her work; this documentary changed that for me. I think the difference is all the live performance footage whereas before I had only heard studio recordings.  It all feels more raw and potent.

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