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Fantasy of Lights

After years of driving by the pretty lights in Los Gatos and trying to remember to look them up when we got home, we finally learned they are in Vasona Lake Park and that they are called Fantasy of Lights. Even better is that we actually made it there this year and can report that […]


The New World of the Atom

I needed a quick read while brushing my teeth so I chose this book I’ve been carrying around since I was probably in elementary school. I remember picking it up at a library book givaway but it’s one I never got around to reading. It’s hard to tell if it’s trying to get young people […]


Female Chauvinist Pigs – Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture

Last year something built up (I don’t remember what specific event was the tipping point, maybe it was just a bad week) and made me think wtf is going on with all the sex and fake sex and flashing and the reporting of it all. And the participants, is this truly the result they were […]


Sage discovered the other dog

Not Grover, but her reflection. For years we’ve noticed that Grover seemed to be able to use the mirror to look elsewhere in the room and recognize the real world correspondence. Sage never was interested in the images in the mirror, almost like she couldn’t see anything. A few weeks ago when Nicole was getting […]


Chapterhouse: Dune ramblings

So I’ve now completed the last Dune novel that Frank Herbert wrote. Reading it reinforced my notion that Heretics of Dune is much like the original Dune. It is re-introducing you to the universe they live in since it is now drastically changed. Chapterhouse: Dune fits in to the mold of being like Dune Messiah […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #14

Last week I finally got the chance to see Stay thanks to flannel and cindy. It’s a bit convoluted and as it gets towards the end you’re thinking it’s just going to keep spinning more and more out of control, but right when you’re on the verge of writing off the whole thing it resolves […]


Weekend productivity

We got a Christmas tree on Friday nght and got it set up. It didn’t even take long to assemble the cheap stand that the guy running the tree lot called “marriage enders.” Saturday all the decorations came out including the Christmas village and a tree that lights up. The batteries were corroded in so […]

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