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Weekend productivity

We got a Christmas tree on Friday nght and got it set up. It didn’t even take long to assemble the cheap stand that the guy running the tree lot called “marriage enders.”

Saturday all the decorations came out including the Christmas village and a tree that lights up. The batteries were corroded in so I cleaned that up with a 50-50 white vinegar and water mixture and an old toothbrush. I had to re-solder one of the wires too. The switch is very touchy but functional and probably requires a trip to Santa Cruz Electronics. Fry’s and Radio Shack didn’t have them.

After the model tree I decided to tackle the Star Wars Lightsaber game. I bought it just over a year ago after having played it at Anne & Dave’s. Unfortunately we had just started the remodel so it went into the shed unopened. When I hooked it up recently there was no video and the audio was bad. Getting apart was a small challenge and then I just bent the contacts for the A/V plug in more and all was working perfectly. Yay!

Sunday I finally installed the curtain brackets and rods that we bought from IKEA a little while ago so that leaves the hemming of the curtains as the next part in that job.

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