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Welcome to my month

Now that it’s basically over, welcome to my month! Only a few people knew it was my month and I should have been telling people about it, but I got busy and I didn’t really know how to word it. This is my month because it is APS Awareness Month. APS is Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome […]


A little faster on the uptake

This year it only took ten hours into the new year to realize I need to update the mail filters to reflect that the new year isn’t in the future anymore and I shouldn’t be rejecting those e-mails.


What I’ve learned about extremely short hair

It takes less than a second to dry. You can drive with all the windows open and now worry about messing it up or it getting tangled. The texture changes every day (so far). You can feel the slightest temperature change on your scalp and it’s very directional. There is still a feeling sometimes that […]


Back to normal, but less bumpy

I started at the anti-coagulation clinic yesterday so I’m not going to have to get a blood draw every few days to check my clotting levels, not I can have a finger-prick test and a little device tells me in 30 seconds. No more waiting at the blood draw center! Also with that I have […]


Happy 2009!

My 2008 didn’t end very well health wise which didn’t do wonders for my spirits. I enjoyed my visits with everyone and wished I could visit more but stuck I am on a couch most of the time now. A few days ago I was feeling pretty down and it wasn’t that physically I wasn’t […]


more electrical strangeness

I didn’t think about the connection before, but Monday morning when I came in to work the power strip in my cube was dead and one of the bricks plugged into it didn’t survive either. I’m thinking whatever was the fix took out my power strip in the process. Unrelated to that but still odd […]


Slow on the uptake

At least with regards to keeping current on technology. Before my computer died forcing me to upgrade now, I was planning on an upgrade next year which would have been a 7-year life-span. A few months ago I replaced my video card from 1998, which still worked well, so I could have two monitors. My […]


Updates on the two houses

In preparation for Nicole’s brother and his wife visit two weekends ago, we put a new faucet in the other bathroom, put in a new towel rack, and fixed the bathroom vanity door (that I broke when it broke my fall). Unfortunately they didn’t end up coming but those are in place for others, like […]


Back to a simpler theme

This one doesn’t try to do as much and so it loads more quickly. Also I think it’s better written. I think if I want the pop-up functionality it had then I should write it myself and in a more standard way so it behaves better. Also I added a plugin that should allow you […]


Blog software upgrade

Friday when it was late and I was tired I attempted to upgrade the blog software I use to WordPress 2.1. It was broken until I had a good night’s sleep and was able to tackle it again Saturday morning. The result is not really much difference for the outside user except that it should […]

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