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Welcome to my month

Now that it’s basically over, welcome to my month! Only a few people knew it was my month and I should have been telling people about it, but I got busy and I didn’t really know how to word it. This is my month because it is APS Awareness Month. APS is Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome […]


I guess I’ve been too busy (bad sysadmin, me)

This morning I went to update some things on my page and I found the web server had crashed. How long had it been down? I have been logging in regularly, but never thought to check that the web server had crashed since that has happened only a few times over the years. Looking […]


weeds and artichokes

Finally a weekend without many planned activities let me catch up on the far overdue weeding. First I got the new weeds in the backyard that grew from the last attempt. Then I moved on to the front yard and managed to get everything but the weeds between the flagstones and the weeds along the […]


Natual cocoa vs Dutch-process cocoa

I lose. So there was this really great looking cake that I was hoping I could have for my birthday.  We went to the store (New Leaf) and picked up all the ingredients we were missing except there was no dutch-process cocoa. No problem, we can get it at another store later. Savemart didn’t have […]


grrrr.. gopher season

With the ends of the rain and the sprouting of plants has also come the return of the gopher. It doesn’t really eat any of the plants we have in the yard, it just makes a mess as it takes dirt from one place and pushes it to the surface elsewhere. Nice path.. with large […]


Sorry about 7thsign being down

I don’t knoww hat happened, when I left it was find and when I had a chance to check at work it wasn’t, but at the time I thought that my computer had just been excluded fromt eh network since it was my last day. That wasn’t the case though and I just needed to […]


Tuesday night’s shooting… no really

Yesterday afternoon I was talking to Nicole on the phone and suddenly she interrupted what she was saying with “Oh shit! I just heard gunshots!” About 15 minutes later she called back to report that there was a shooting in the street in front of our house and that the guy that was shot was […]


Oops to the cake

 The plan was to wake up this morning and make a cake for Top Chef viewers tonight. ITwo weeks ago I saw a recipe I really wanted to try and everything was set to go.  I mixed it all up and put it in the oven with a timer set to check 25% short of […]


A river flows from my head

Tuesday I was feeling the allergies strongly and took my last Allegra. Wednesday I had my allergy shots for an increased allergy load and I didn’t make it to the pharmacy to get a prescription refill. My head filled up. Thursday I got more Allegra in the morening and I had some draining throughout the […]


Kind of caught up

I’ve kind of missed out on the last month of reading about people’s lives, even on icb where I’m just paging through text between meetings. I think I’m caught up now, mostly. Now there are just evites to go through. I don’t expect this to get better any time soon since my day job project […]

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