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grrrr.. gopher season

With the ends of the rain and the sprouting of plants has also come the return of the gopher. It doesn’t really eat any of the plants we have in the yard, it just makes a mess as it takes dirt from one place and pushes it to the surface elsewhere. Nice path.. with large piles of dirt in it. Nice rock bed… with large piles of dirt in it. Sometimes plants aren’t being targetted but are just too close to where the gopher decided to surface. These piles aren’t holes you can target for traps or anything, they’re just gopher refuse. The actual holes are hidden or perhaps even in a neighbor’s yard. I now fully understand Carl Spackler (Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack) in trying to get rid of the gopher. If someone ever invents a gohper terminator robot they are going to be very wealthy, but until then I’ll just have to dream of a gopher-shaped robot with glowing red eyes stalking the tunnels.

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