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Tuesday Media Roundup #44

Games: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box – I’ve finally finished up the second Professor Layton game. I liked the setting and feel of this game better than the first one. The animation for the cut-scenes are both increased in amount and in quality. I think there are a few cases of poor wording of […]


An upgrade and a cake attempt

Having successfully upgraded the CPU on my computer it was time to move on to phase two of the upgrade. So I put in the Kingston SSD Boot Drive and popped in the Windows 7 upgrade install. Since I was upgrading from XP I knew I would have to do a complete install and I […]


Daily battle

“Everyday is a battlefield, but if you fight with anger, you’re the problem. If you fight with joy, you’re disillusioned.” – Carlos Santana in Herbie Hancock: Possibilities


A little faster on the uptake

This year it only took ten hours into the new year to realize I need to update the mail filters to reflect that the new year isn’t in the future anymore and I shouldn’t be rejecting those e-mails.


2009 Health Report

I got rid of the clot in my left leg, but because of damage to the valve I was told I need to wear a compression stocking for at least two years. Having healed legs I trained for and completed the Turkey Trot 10K, a new personal distance record. Very slow, but I did it. […]

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