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Kitchen backsplash

The kitchen backsplash tile is in and today the grout is being done. It’s nice and sparkly in the morning sun but you can’t see that in the pictures.


I really really fixed the leak under Dar’s bathroom sink now. The water supply lines where they met the faucet were loose. I was able to hand turn each one at least another half turn. Also after watching splash patterns with the glass shower doors and how the water gets to the floor outside the […]


I was being good and productive this weekend. I returned some lights to Costco, I exchanged a light cover at Riverside Lighting, I put Frontline on the dogs, I got my Allegra prescription refilled, I did the recycling, and picked up everything the dogs had left in the last few days in the back yard […]


The Cookout

Last night I watched The Cookout while I sorted recycling. This movie had potential, but I think the first-time screen writers and directors killed that. The comedy is often forced and that leaves you wanting more drama out of it. I think the direction of a light-hearted drama would have been a good direction for […]


Counters complete

Just one more picture of the end cap. Last night we painted the living room and the color looks good but it needs a second coat. Today the lighting stuff gets installed.



Yesterday they installed most of the counter tops. It’s Caesarstone Oyester, 3cm thick. They have to put in the other end cap/vertical counter and cut holes for the faucet today. Also some pictures of the bathroom wall tile grouted. I think it looks really good and everything is starting to look like what it’s supposed […]


The plasterers were supposed to come yesterday to build out the wall/column in the kitchen that had the wrong measurement in the plans. They didn’t come. So they were supposed to come at 8AM today to fix it before the counter installers come at 9AM because it’s supposed to be done before the counters. They […]


More painting accomplished

Looks like the last paitning adventure killed the power roller. Well, I think I can bring it back if I take it apart and clean it, but I needed to do a second coat ont he living room ceiling and I can’t give my dad back a broken power roller so I got a new […]


Bathroom sink is better

I replaced the angle-stops, but then I turned the water back on the hot water valve was still leaking slightly. So I turned off the water again and tightened it another turn and now it’s fine. Buying one of each size it might be worked so now I have to return the others to OSH, […]


Bathroom tile is completed

The bathroom tile is now done and next up is the grout. On Tuesday we get the counter tops installed in the kitchen. This weekend plasterers come to finish the wall in the laundry room, the patch in the tv room, the wall in the office. Most importantly, they are going to complete the wall […]

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