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I really really fixed the leak under Dar’s bathroom sink now. The water supply lines where they met the faucet were loose. I was able to hand turn each one at least another half turn.

Also after watching splash patterns with the glass shower doors and how the water gets to the floor outside the shower I realized what was going wrong. There are rubber guides at each end that have space for a specific door, indicating how they should be in place during a shower. That puts the inner door closest to the shower head which when water hits the bottom of it, bounces under and on to the floor. The outer door should be the one by teh shower because there is a lip on the other side to prevent the splash, but the rubber guides don’t allow it and have a gap by the wall so then the wall gets wet.

I was prepared to pull off the rubber guides and glue then back in the correct position, but when I pulled them off I found they covered a metal bracket what allowed me to flip it upside down and snap into position. 4 snaps later and water in the shower should now stay in the shower.

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