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An upgrade and a cake attempt

Having successfully upgraded the CPU on my computer it was time to move on to phase two of the upgrade. So I put in the Kingston SSD Boot Drive and popped in the Windows 7 upgrade install. Since I was upgrading from XP I knew I would have to do a complete install and I […]


2009 holiday weigh-in

First thing this morning I weighed in at 193.4. The last few years I lost weight from beginning to end, but then I also weighed more. We’ll see how it goes this year. Now it’s time to eat!


Can I make yogurt with common household equipment?

I recently saw that a friend got a second yogurt maker. I hadn’t heard of such a device and I envisioned something like a bread maker where you put in all the ingredients and some time later you have yogurt. After some research I found that yogurt making is a simple process. Heat milk to […]


Pink Rice Krispee Treats

I won a few glass x-mas trees full of pink star and green tree marshmallows at the company holiday party. Yesterday I made rice krispee treats out of them so I wouldn’t just throw them all away. I thought the green ones would scare too many people so I chose the pink stars. I figured […]


Snacks to avoid

Bubble Yum gum – Hershey’s Chocolate flavor. So now I know Hershey’s owns Bubble Yum, but if there’s some artificial chocolate flavored item from Hershey’s I expect to taste somewhat similar to Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. Instead it’s more like Tootsie Roll gum which you can hardly call chocolate flavor to begin with. m&m’s Premiums – […]


Recent food

Buffalo burgers We tried buffalo burgers recently and I was surprised at the difference between it and beef. The texture in handling it feels sort of clean and loose but it all holds together well. In cooking it seemed to want to brown faster than beef and in spite of it having less fat there […]


weeds and artichokes

Finally a weekend without many planned activities let me catch up on the far overdue weeding. First I got the new weeds in the backyard that grew from the last attempt. Then I moved on to the front yard and managed to get everything but the weeds between the flagstones and the weeds along the […]


A different primary

Yesterday a different contest popped into my head, one between Brocolli Obama and Celery Clinton. I was surprised to find no reference to it on the internets.


Dutch-processed cocoa update

I tried Trader Joe’s but they had nothing but drinking chocolate. Then I remembered Staff of Life and decided to try there so we went there this morning. On the bottom shelf of the baking section are cans of cocoa. Those are sweetened or natural cocoa. Looking over to the right one shelf (still on […]


Natual cocoa vs Dutch-process cocoa

I lose. So there was this really great looking cake that I was hoping I could have for my birthday.  We went to the store (New Leaf) and picked up all the ingredients we were missing except there was no dutch-process cocoa. No problem, we can get it at another store later. Savemart didn’t have […]

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