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Snacks to avoid

Bubble Yum gum – Hershey’s Chocolate flavor. So now I know Hershey’s owns Bubble Yum, but if there’s some artificial chocolate flavored item from Hershey’s I expect to taste somewhat similar to Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. Instead it’s more like Tootsie Roll gum which you can hardly call chocolate flavor to begin with.

m&m’s Premiums – These come in five varities: Mint, Chocolate Almond, Triple Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate, and Mocha. Mint, chocolate almond, and mocha are fairly standard. Raspberry chocolate is white chocolate, raspberry flavor, and an almond. Triple chocolate is a dark chocolate core, white chocolate middle layer, and a milk chocolate outer layer. The flavors on all of these is good and the look of the shell is speckled and almost metallic in the shine. The packaging is nice with a re-sealable bag inside. It all falls apart when you pop one in your mouth and bite down; there’s no crunch. The attractive shell you see is more like a paste that will jam between your teeth when you first bite down. I’m sure the confused expression on someone’s face when they first bite one of these and just have it squish between their teeth is great. I should try that out on some co-workers tomorrow.

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