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My favorite use for an iPod Touch (so far)

So far with the iPod Touch I’ve checked the weather, stocks, browsed the web, played music, watched video (found a nice recipe to use Nero for that). However the most entertainment I’ve had with it so far is to watch the names of WiFi hotspots that come into and go out of range while someone […]


Stopping graffiti

For awhile now as I ride to and from work I get to look at the increase in graffiti around here. It’s ugly and it’s pretty much impossible to stop because catching someone in the act is very very unlikely. So I started brainstorming ideas on how to stop graffiti. More graffiti! I know that […]


Tuesday night’s shooting… no really

Yesterday afternoon I was talking to Nicole on the phone and suddenly she interrupted what she was saying with “Oh shit! I just heard gunshots!” About 15 minutes later she called back to report that there was a shooting in the street in front of our house and that the guy that was shot was […]


New Hampshire Debate

First I have to say that I like having both the Democrat and Republican debates back to back. I also liked there being distinct discussion and direct question sections. All that said, watching four hours of debates is pretty tiring. Republicans: I  haven’t really kept up to date with the Repuiblican candidates except blurbs I […]


Thoughts of the day

From when I was in the Chicago O’Hare airport security line when everyone was taking off their shoes: Do foot fetishists have to work at keeping their cool going through airport security? From when I was brushing my teeth last night: If we develop intelligent machines, are we going to ban and destroy all copies […]


Montana quarter

I just got one of these in change and realized that it’s the first quarter to feature death. It makes it kind of unsettling.


Another Diebold foul-up

This time Diebold had pictures of the key to the voting machine cabinets on their site. How many times do they have to screw up before they stop being adopted?


An interesting idea… from Newt Gengrich?

In January 2006 Discover magazine changed ownership to be owned by Bob Guccione Jr. The change in content was immediate. Now a large percentage of the content is human interest stories about how a scientist felt about their research instead of abou ttheir research, tongue-in-cheek articles like the fight between Fahrenheit and Celcius, and a […]


Done voting

We got the new color in the arrow ballots, and while they are more clear in what you are selecting, they are HUGE. They don’t even fit in the rickety voting booths. You have to juggle an over-sized envelope/folder, your voter’s guide, and maneuver this thing so you can color on the small part of […]


Slow Halloween

Not slow at work, work had a costume party with much beer so there was a lot of loud people running around in costume. Also not for my stomach. I’ve been eating well but yesterday I decided to eat tons of sugar and it was great! 4 cup cakes, 6 mini Hershey bars, 4 cookies, […]

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