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Adding to my nerdiness

Some people are surprised at my low (42%) nerd score. Let me help assure you of my nerdiness through a little nostalgia… The other day I decided to search to see if any information was out there for the TRS-80 Color Computer. My first computer was the TRS-80 Color Computer. You can see a picture […]


Evolving for comedy?

I’ve seen a number of studies and surveys that show women having a preference for a man who makes them laugh. I’ve also read about a study or two that showed that women tend to have a more advanced sense of humor than men. Advanced being more word based and less physical based. This leads […]


How not to do Black Friday

My previous experience with black friday is generally going to stores to watch people go crazy trying to buy stuff. This year I tried out the crazy. On Thanksgiving I saw some Fry’s ads for amazing deals that would be happening on Friday so I considered going early, around 6AM. I was talking to Terry […]


What’s your honest reaction to this story from The Week: Waco, Texas Church tragedy: The pastor of a Texas church was electrocuted this week when he grabbed a microphone while standing in a baptismal pool. About 800 people watched helplessly as the Rev. Kyle Lake, 33, of University Baptist Church in Waco, began flailing after […]


Found and Quotes

So soon after posting about Dirty Found, I was again in the book shop and discovered that Found #4 just came out. It’s worth it for the Rod Serling letters alone. Also in it is their tour schedule; here’s some relevant stops: Oct 26 – Seattle – University Books – 7:30PM Oct 30 – Santa […]


Dirty Found

When I go to Bookshop Santa Cruz I make sure to check if there are any new issues of Found Magazine, usually to be met with disappointment. It isn’t the most regular of publications. I was happy to find that they publish a “Dirty Found” magazine filled with all the things that people sent in […]


The terrorists are bugs!

Not to hurt the good name of bugs by association, but I think this comparison really works. It was after watching and reading a lot about terrorists lately and then watching a documentary and reading an article on bug stings and bites that I realized the similarities. Insect stings cause a lot of pain without […]


Traffic theme of the day

Some days there seems to be a lot of the same thing happening traffic wise like last week when the bike lane and sometimes more was blocked at 5 locations on the way home (4.5km). The normal number of occurences is zero. Today’s theme was cut off the bike lane to make a right turn.


Why I dislike going to Starbucks

It’s not because I dislike coffee, sometimes I am with coffee drinkers who need their fix, and the chantico is pretty tasty. It’s not because it’s a big corporation and the local coffee house should be supported instead though I do prefer the variety of the local places. It’s this: When I go to Starbucks […]


What’s the deal with the tank-tops?

I’ve been seeing a lot of women wearing tank-tops over other tops lately with the extreme seen yesterday of one woman wearing three tank-tops. Has this been going on for awhile and I just now noticed it? Is this like the dress with pants thing (which strangely I didn’t think as odd)?

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