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Messed up

The haircut we gave to Grover: We have our dogs shaved fairly regularly because they get too hot in the summer otherwise, they bring in WAY too much dirt, and it cuts way down on the dog hair. Why not get some clippers and try it ourselves? How hard can it be? I think the […]


Grover is cancer free!

Grover had his final cancer check up this morning and is now declared to be free of cancer! We didn’t really expect anything to suddenly to pop up at this point but it’s still nice to have the official word. Now we just need to get the weight off of him and Sage.


Grover is still all clear

Grover had his latest cancer check-up this morning and was again pronounced all clear. In addition to the poking and prodding he had a chest x-rays and blood drawn. We’ll find out the blood results tomorrow. Our only cause for concern is he recently started having partial seizures on the left side of his face […]


Sage discovered the other dog

Not Grover, but her reflection. For years we’ve noticed that Grover seemed to be able to use the mirror to look elsewhere in the room and recognize the real world correspondence. Sage never was interested in the images in the mirror, almost like she couldn’t see anything. A few weeks ago when Nicole was getting […]


Grover checkup

Grover had his checkup with the oncologist this morning. After feeling around the doctor said it all felt good and the radiated area looked good. So next checkup is in a month, then 6 weeks, then a few at every other month and then every three months. He didn’t say after that but I’d imagine […]


Grover status update

Grover has finished all his radiation therapy and he didn’t get sick at all during it. He did seems a little uncomfortable for a few days but for the most part he was fine. And the groggy dog routine was always funny after a treatment. They painted a target on him that they had to […]


Sage is cast free…

of her cast. Terry signed it this past weekend as you can see here but that only lasted a few days as the vet came today to free her. The brown thing on the end is duct tape which I had to apply since she wore a hole through the bottom. I actually had to […]


Sage’s peg leg

Sage’s log of a leg, courtesy of linkaloo


Dog update

After consulting with the oncologist and being given the option of another more extreme surgery and 4 rounds of radiation a week for 4 weeks, we decided on the radiation. The surgery might change his gait and will take a few weeks to recover from and leaves the radiation as the only future option. The […]

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