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Dog update

After consulting with the oncologist and being given the option of another more extreme surgery and 4 rounds of radiation a week for 4 weeks, we decided on the radiation. The surgery might change his gait and will take a few weeks to recover from and leaves the radiation as the only future option. The radiation has about the same success rate and leaves us with more options in case of future relapse. Grover starts his radiation therapy on October 10.

Yesterday when I got home Sage was refusing to put any weight on her front left leg and the left leg was pretty swollen. From what we can tell, she and Grover were rough-housing and she got hurt. Off to the emergency room with her since we thought it might be broken. They examined her and thought she might have hyper-extended the joint but x-rayed it just to be sure it wasn’t broken. There didn’t appear to be a break but a radiologist will examin eit on Friday. In the meantime they mummified her leg with the plastic bandage stuff so she can’t bend it and she has to wear that for two weeks and not be very active during that time. She was doped up from the sedative for the x-ray so she could barely stand with that thing on last night. This morning she can walk on it but it makes a lot of noise on the wood floor. It’s like she’s a walking drum stick and the floor is a giant drum.

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