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The continuing adventures of ugly leg

In the good news, I’ve have the time between my allergy shots extended to 4 weeks. I’ve felt ready for it for a couple of months. Now I’m pretty much on the home stretch of allergy shots. Also the doctor reviewed my previous blood test and found that I don’t have to have any more […]


Fixed one thing broke another

A few weeks ago the microwave door wouldn’t latch shut anymore. Since the hooks in the door were intact and seemed to be moving okay I figured it was the latching mechanism. So I took it apart and took out the latching mechanism but nothing seemed to be wrong. Still, I called around to appliance […]


A weekend of entertainment

Saturday we went to the Computer History Museum to see the opening of Babbage’s Difference Engine exhibit. It’s the second one that’s been built and it’s impressive in person. After wandering through the rest of the museum we arrived at the difference engine in time to see them setting it up for calculation of an […]


Last day at work

This morning I planned to bake some things for work as a parting gift to my co-workers. I decided on this “Death by Chocolate” recipe (it’s not really deadly, but it is very good) and what some people call Sugar-Crack cookies (I should write that recipe up). I surveyed the ingredients, went to the store […]


New job time

I’m leaving VeriSign (last day is next Friday, Feb 1), and while I’m sad I’ll be leaving my co-workers, I am excited to be moving on to a new job at Full Power (starting Monday, Feb 18). That gives me two weeks off before I start. It’s still local and in fact my commute will […]


I’m bad at 3-day weekends

Recently I needed to reduce my vacation time and with the current project load not wanting me to take a block of time off I decided to take off a number of Fridays in a row. Either I have a problem with 3-day weekends that begin on a Friday, or I need more mental notice […]



Work sent me to Chicago two weeks ago. My co-workers and I flew in at night (late because United likes delays). The escalator leading out of concourse C had a video screen on each side of it. The boot device for the PC driving those screens had failed and you could see “Operating System Not […]


Heading towards normalcy

Tami arrived back home yesterday, and I returned to work today. That makes for a more structured, but less entertaining day. In more exciting news, I had a hard drive failure on my desktop machine at home and with a little time here and there during Tami’s visit, and a little consultation with Eli, Anne, […]


A cancerous dog have we

I’ve been avoiding talking about this unless it’s been directly mentioned. Partially because I just didn’t want to be thinking about it so much, and partially because when I told people about it I wanted as much information as possible. But I’m done with that now. We know all we’re going to know and it’s […]


R.I.P. Maynard Ferguson: May 4, 1928 – August 23, 2006

The last of the biggies from the big-band era passed away yesterday from kidney & liver failure resulting from an abdominal infection. His last and final album that he just finished recording will be coming out this fall. I was hoping to see him again next year when his tour hit Salinas.

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