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Last day at work

This morning I planned to bake some things for work as a parting gift to my co-workers. I decided on this “Death by Chocolate” recipe (it’s not really deadly, but it is very good) and what some people call Sugar-Crack cookies (I should write that recipe up). I surveyed the ingredients, went to the store for what I didn’t have, came home, made the two chocolate pies and started on the cookies. Then I discovered with Nicole’s helpt aht I didn’t add up the butter right so back to the store for that. Then I came to the part that called for baking powder and remembered that I hadn’t picked up any since the last time I discovered we were out, so back to the store a third time! Finally I made the cookies and made it to work, but not before I apparently turned off the DSL modem, oh wait… Now I see the UPS looks like it’s decided not to work anymore so back into straight surge protector it goes.

Anyway, I made it to work and the chocolate pies were devorured along with the cookies. I checked in the last of my code changes, visited with a lot of people, had a goodbye lunch. Things were good. HR person wasn’t made aware until very late that I was leaving today so my exit interview was over the phone. I found the big box of kazoos from our wedding party that was left over and I gave them out throughout the building. I gave away the cube loot people wanted and since cube space was available at the new job so I carted all the stuff I was keeping on cart to the new cube in the new building. I answered some questions at the new job and ran back to the office so I could turn in my badge before the person I needed to turn them in to went home.

I had Dan go with me to Long’s so I could get back into the building after I bought a lot of chocolate to leave on my desk so people wouldn’t have to go cold turkey. Then I said my goodbyes to those still remaining and went home. I’m going to miss working with everyone there and I hope I get a chance to work with them again in the future.

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