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My favorite use for an iPod Touch (so far)

So far with the iPod Touch I’ve checked the weather, stocks, browsed the web, played music, watched video (found a nice recipe to use Nero for that). However the most entertainment I’ve had with it so far is to watch the names of WiFi hotspots that come into and go out of range while someone […]



Work sent me to Chicago two weeks ago. My co-workers and I flew in at night (late because United likes delays). The escalator leading out of concourse C had a video screen on each side of it. The boot device for the PC driving those screens had failed and you could see “Operating System Not […]


Fantasy of Lights

After years of driving by the pretty lights in Los Gatos and trying to remember to look them up when we got home, we finally learned they are in Vasona Lake Park and that they are called Fantasy of Lights. Even better is that we actually made it there this year and can report that […]


If I had an ice cream truck…

I’d have it play the music from Frogger.


This Saturday…

Please join me in… MORTAL CHOCOLATE!


NaNoWriMo comes again

Last night I had a dream where I realized National Novel Writing Month was coming again and I was wondering if I would actually get around to writing this year. When I woke up there was e-mail from NaNoWriMo saying it was time to register for this year, so I did. I still don’t know […]


Half a week without allergy meds

I’m having a go of not taking any allergy meds right now (unless this get really bad). So far it’s working out just fine. I’m sneezing about twice a day and I have to blow my nose occasionally but that’s nothing compared to before I started getting allergy shots. On meds I sneeze about twice […]


RV gray water is full

The RV’s gray water tank is full. This is the tank that showers and sinks go to, nothing to icky. I think it filled up quickly from the shower problem and then a lot of testing of the shower. And some washing of dishes too. I’m going to drain it into the front tree area […]


Moving heavy things, and other stuff

Moth of our closet is moved, most of the living room is moved, most of the dining room is moved. We still need to move the stuff in our room and Nicole’s room and take care of the misc in the other rooms. Oh yeah. We also need to move the wood burning stove. It’s […]


Grilled filet mignon and tater tots

That was tonight’s dinner. I tried it ont he grill but I think without the meat thermometer it wasnt as warm as I would have liked it. It was cooked all the way through and it wasn’t rare, but the connective tissue hadn’t broken down enough. The tater tots were fine of course (new extra […]

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