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Half a week without allergy meds

I’m having a go of not taking any allergy meds right now (unless this get really bad). So far it’s working out just fine. I’m sneezing about twice a day and I have to blow my nose occasionally but that’s nothing compared to before I started getting allergy shots. On meds I sneeze about twice a week and pretty much never have to blow my nose. Why did I stop? Well, even though I was nice and dry I was getting some major sinus headaches and I thought they might be related to the nasal spray. Since I stopped I haven’t had any major headaches, just an occasionally a very very minor one that is easy to ignore.

I just looked at a consumer reaction message board for Nasonex and a number of other people started getting headaches after 6 months to a year as well. I’ll have to talk to the allergist about this.

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