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Things I can do again

Now that I’m not worried about internal bleeding I’ve done two things this week I’ve avoided since I started being on blood thinners. I rode my scooter, and I rode the Giant Dipper. I was worried the scooter would be in bad shape after no riding for almost seven months, but the batteries don’t even […]


Messed up

The haircut we gave to Grover: We have our dogs shaved fairly regularly because they get too hot in the summer otherwise, they bring in WAY too much dirt, and it cuts way down on the dog hair. Why not get some clippers and try it ourselves? How hard can it be? I think the […]


Battery goodness

My old scooter (the one that I was clobbered by the door while riding) had it’s batteries fade to unusable. The new scooter that was the replacement had a motor problem that took a year to get a new one and I didn’t think about the batteries going bad but they did. Today I finally […]


Cold wind

The crazy cold wind Makes scooter rides angular But my hair looks good


Replaced my scooter’s front brake cable

When I was leaving work last week my brake cable broke and the motor wouldn’t run. I called Rick at the Folks Cafe (formerly Volks Cafe) and he explained that power gets cut to the motor when the brake lever is pressed so unless I was holding it up it wouldn’t run. Good to know […]


How I roll

When I’m not reading while brushing my teeth (I take a long time) I often hum along to my Sonicare. Sometimes it’s the same tone, usually it’s harmonies. Today on the way to work on my way to work on the electric scooter, I found myself going not at full speed so the tone of […]


Scooter accident!

I was riding home to meet the window guy so he could measure all the windows. I crossed the Cayuga intersection and then a door was open in front of me. I think I tried to swerve some, but I hit it and went down. I think I hit my left side first and then […]


More on intermittent scooter power

Occasionally when I go over a bump I feel the power cut out on the scooter for a second. I thought it might be where the splice in the line to the motor is from when changing tires on these was an unknown. I just checked that yesterday and all those splices are solid, not […]


Another loose wire?

The scooter ran great this morning excet for two moments of what felt like the motor cutting out. I’m thinking there is still another loose wire in there that I need to track down. They were too fast to tell if it was the entire bike losing power or not. I’m thinking just the motor […]


Scooter is fixed!

I went to OSH and got the longest philips-head screwdriver I could find that still had a small enough tip to work the average screw. I got home and unscrewed the screw that is supposed to hold the wire in with no problem. Then we ate dinner. After dinner I determined that after I strip […]

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