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Battery goodness

My old scooter (the one that I was clobbered by the door while riding) had it’s batteries fade to unusable. The new scooter that was the replacement had a motor problem that took a year to get a new one and I didn’t think about the batteries going bad but they did. Today I finally pulled the 8 batteries (4 from each) and also brought along the two batteries from the UPS that died in December and headed to BatteriesPlus for replacements.

They took the old ones and they took my money in exchange for the replacements I desired. I managed to get the scooter re-assembled with only one mishap. The main power was off but half way though I heard a pop and  magic smoke started pouring out of the front end of the scooter. The otehr end of the batter lead I was attaching made momentary contact with the frame and fried something. When I got it all together everything still worked except for the headlight so I’m guessing that’s what got the bonus juice.

The UPS was trivial to re-assemble after that and it’s now happily charging.

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