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Intermittent hot water no more

Short version: The on-demand water heater is working again. Long version: For most of the winter the on-demand water heater wasn’t paying attention to our demands. Sometimes it would take several tries to get hot water, sometimes it would come right away, sometimes it would never come. It seemed to work better with the cover […]


The wasp is back

This morning after I walked the dogs but before I went to work I saw the wasp again. It was trapped between the window and the screen actively looking for a way out and that’s where it’s going to stay for now. When I went home at lunch to let the dogs out it was […]


Where’s the body?

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen when I saw something flying with the corner of my eye. I turned to look and saw a black wasp making a course straight for my head. Recalling recent tales of swollen ears from wasp-in-hair action I dodged and ran out of the kitchen. It went back up […]


I have a working computer again!

I was out for a week and a half and I feel like a feel red-neck with the old motherboard and power supply sitting out in the front yard, but I’m back! The hard drive getting corrupted wasn’t the problem, just a symptom of a failing motherboard. I pulled off the power connector from the […]



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